DUE DATE – 40 Weeks Pregnant!


Well, it’s Eli’s due date… and he’s not here.  He’s a stubborn kiddo, but hopefully he is getting baked all the way in there. We did go to the doc this morning for our LAST weekly. She said I was 1.5 cm dilated and the cervix was favorable. She also did a membrane sweep (I know… TMI), so hopefully that will kick start it.  I did some Google-ing and apparently the sweep seems to help a lot of women… like kicks them into labor within 48 hours. So, we’ll see. FYI – that little sweep hurts like the dickens if you were curious.  That’s all I have to say about that.

So, if Eli doesn’t decide to arrive before, we will be heading to the hospital on Monday evening at 8:00 to begin the process and Eli will be born on Tuesday… week 41. But let’s hope he arrives before the weekend… that would be ideal! If not… I’ll be in labor on Labor Day… cute huh?

Size of Eli: Eli is a SMALL PUMPKIN but he feels like a large watermelon if you ask me. I don’t know how big this kiddo is exactly, but my stomach is large and in charge… and getting in the way. The app says he could be anywhere from 6-9 pounds and 19-22 inches… THAT’S A LOT OF HUMAN IN ME!

Symptoms: Well… I’m large! Numb hands. Swollen feet. LOTS of moving in the belly. Hungry. Jacob says I am a snoring machine at night. haha! I guess that’s what happens when your organs get moved around and you have pregnancy face. Sorry there, hun. Moody. Some heart burn. I’m not sure what else is new…

Cravings this week: The usual… baked potatoes and Taziki’s mainly. I have wanted apples and peanut butter and sweets. This last month has been the only time I’ve wanted sweets during my preggo time (thankfully)… but I really want them.  After the doc today I had to have a Krispy Kreme doughtnut… or 3! So good.  I told Eli I would eventually give him doughnuts in the outside world too… and he would have so much more room if he would just come out.  He hasn’t obeyed yet.

Sleeping: Still sleeping good! I’m telling ya… I can sleep no matter what!

Weight Gain: So… the total weight gain was 40 pounds. Ugh. I know. No fun.  But once this kiddo makes his debut, “Bring Sexy Body Back” operation commences.  Lots of walks with our cool stroller, Zumba classes, and eating normal again (hopefully).

My final thoughts: It’s so crazy to believe that Eli will be here THIS WEEK! I feel like it’s gone so fast… except for this last week, but probably just because I have a fear of my water breaking in the most embarrassing way at any moment.  I feel so undeserving to even be able to get pregnant… much less have a great pregnancy… and have the hopes of a healthy baby boy here in a few hours/days.  It breaks my heart, now more than ever, to think about those who have tried and tried with no baby or with loss of baby. I can’t explain why… I just trust that the Lord is always good. It just hurts me to the core.

I have learned so much throughout this pregnancy. I have learned humility, grace, love, patience, hope, prayer, dependence… like never before. I know that the learning has only begun. I keep praying that I would continue to be teachable… that I would listen and be aware. We are beyond blessed to be the parents to Eric and Eli. We couldn’t have asked for a better, brighter, fuller life.

I have learned that, regardless of everyone’s advice (because everyone has advice), that we have to do what’s best for our family. So… as we continue on this journey let’s promise each other – I won’t judge you and your decisions and you don’t judge me and my decisions.  I love my family more than life itself and will do whatever I feel is best for us… and I know you’ll do the same.  Let’s me encouragers for each other… nothing else. This mom/wife life is hard stuff… let’s not make it any harder on each other!

We can’t wait to meet our Eli. I can’ wait to see what our new “normal” will be like with our awesome high-schooler and newborn doing life together! I know it’s going to be an adventure!

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