Eli’s Birth Story

This is a story I will tell for the rest of my life. Every mom with a biological kid has a birth story that they share with every other expecting momma… wanted or unwanted. I’m happy to add mine to the mix. This is Eli’s story. September 4th… a traumatic day with a wonderful ending.

Eli Stephen

September 4th, 3:49pm

8.3 lbs


At 40 weeks and 3 days, we were sitting on ready. Friday morning, 9/4, I woke up at 5:00 just wanting some orange juice. I typically let the dogs out when I wake up and eat my breakfast on the back porch.  I wasn’t really feeling like breakfast… just orange juice. So I sat and drank my OJ. Suddenly I felt something strange… and ran to the bathroom.  Sure enough… my water broke! I wasn’t really sure what to do, so I called the doc. They told me to come on in. So, I went to tell Jacob what went down.  I woke him and told him… his response –

“Really? Are you serious?”


“Did you clean it up?”

Haha.  That was one of his fears… my water would break and it would be everywhere.  I assured him I made it to the bathroom. Hilarious.

So… we got up, got ready, I tried to eat breakfast but barfed (a symptom of labor I did not know about), and headed to the hospital. We told Eric and my mom not to rush but to head up to the hospital when they were ready… taking their time. Of course, they arrived at the hospital 10 minutes after us. Mom couldn’t contain her excitement.

Once we got admitted, the “fun” began. Here’s the last picture of the Morgans as a party of 3:


Here’s me, looking crazy, with my labor socks (shared with Lindsey Jo and Emily… yes… we wash them!)


I was having some pretty strong contractions every couple of minutes. I impressed myself with how well I was handling them. I thought the pain would be too much from all the horror stories you hear. Once I got to 3.5 cm dialated, they offered the epidural. I took them up on it because I was just terrified for the pain. Getting the epidural is an interesting process if you’ve never experienced one. Feels pretty strange. As soon as I got it and laid down, I felt SUPER dizzy… I was fading fast. My blood pressure dropped super low. They fixed me up quickly because apparently if I fainted… the baby faints too. Craziness.

BTW – I HATED how the epidural made me feel. I had very little control.  Not that I will have an opportunity to do a vaginal birth in the future because of the c-section, but if I did I am not sure I would get it a gain.

They got me and Eli hooked up to monitors, pitocin to speed up labor, and waited for GO time. Jacob and I just hung out and waited for Mr. Eli. Things were going a little slow so we were expecting a long labor and for him to arrive before dinner. Suddenly, an alarm went off on our monitors and about 10 nurses ran into our room.  They started moving me around, checking monitors, talking in worried voices, using nurse-y language, leaning me this way and then that way… with no explanation (which is totally fine because they were doing their job to take care of Eli and me… I was just freaking out). They asked me if I could get up on all fours… keep in mind I had an epidural a while ago. But, I’m a mom, and my little boy was in trouble… so I just did it. They were shocked I jumped up in the stance so quickly. You do what you have to do when it involves your son. I was crying and just wanted to know what was happening.  One of the nurses leaned over and explained that his heart rate was dropping dangerously low every time I was having a contraction and they were really concerned the cord was wrapped around his neck.

Insert concerned look:

They were able to get Eli stabilized for a few minutes. And then… they rushed back in when our family was in there visiting.  We had to kick them out. I know they were worried… walking around just praying. Same process happened… same scare… same tears. The doctor came in and announced that I would be heading to have a c-section in 10 minutes. Holy crap… whirlwind.

The nurses worked to prepare me, Jacob ran to tell the family what was happening, and they wheeled me to the OR.

FUNNY side note (WARNING – this is TMI) – on the way to the OR I was obviously freaking out a bit. I was just overwhelmed and worried about my baby. One of the nurses said, “Hey… you are going to have a flawless vagina.” Haha. So true! And ya know… I’ve had some MAJOR fears about the vaginal birth like pooping while I pushed, Jacob passing out during the process, and just the pushing process in general. I didn’t have to experience that… and… my recovery is MUCH different what I would have gone through.

They set me up in the OR, gave me more meds to where I COULD NOT feel anything from the belly down (so crazy), set up the sheet, there was some throw up, lots of sterilizing, and lots of monitors and beeping.  Jacob suited up and came in the room like 20 minutes later. He looked hilarious… even had a hair net for his beard. We were both worried and had no clue what was going on… I mean, we did… but we were just scared.

Jacob sat down. One of the medical guys (I don’t know who he was) looked at Jacob and said, “I’ll tell you when the head is out…” and 2 seconds later he looked over and said, “Well… the head is out!” And then we heard it…

The first cry.

Nothing can prepare you for the emotions that rush over you when that sound reaches your ears. Tears filled my eyes and I could not stop crying. Joy. Relief. Love. Amazement. Overwhelming excitement. Breathtaking. Incredible. Jacob and I just looked at each other and cried. Proud parents… and so thankful to be going through it all together. That’s a moment I’ll never forget. Then… we saw our baby.

IMG_5346 IMG_5348 IMG_5354Oh my heart.

As soon as we thought all was well, they said that he wasn’t breathing on his own. They hooked him up to 100% oxygen. I squeezed his hand through the incubator as they wheeled him out of the room and headed towards the NICU.  Jacob followed Eli and they took me to my room.

Thank the Lord – by the time they reached the NICU, he was breathing on his own. Whew… Once he was there, he was required to stay for a 4 hour watch. Our family got to go in and see him 2 by 2. I was in my room… without my baby and my husband. Strange feeling. Here’s the first picture of Eric and Eli… melt my heart…


Our precious boy was finally brought to us at 9:30 pm. Our lives and hearts will never, ever be the same. I am beyond happy and thankful. I love my family more than words can ever say.  The pregnancy and scares of Friday were so worth it.

IMG_5372 IMG_5366

A day I’ll never forget. A day that we truly and literally felt the prayers of our family and friends. A day that gave us our Eli. A day that made Eric a big brother in the States. A day that seemed to come so quick since we found out in January we were expecting… but seemed so long in coming the last few weeks.

Here’s some pictures of our beautiful little boy with some of our amazing friends and family who visited –

IMG_5385 IMG_5378 IMG_5409 IMG_5410 IMG_5389 IMG_5432 IMG_5428 IMG_5422 IMG_5427 IMG_5437 IMG_5420IMG_5453 IMG_5448 IMG_5452

We are so grateful. Our God is so good.


  1. Such a wonderful story. Your Mom had us all on the edge of our chairs that day. So excited for everyone. God has blessed you all

  2. Congratulations! Beautiful family! Definitely talk to your Dr about a Vbac next time!! I had 3 c-sections and they get rougher each time. I SO wish I could have had a Vbac, now I can’t have anymore babies!!

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