One month with Eli!

20151004_133749Crazy. He’s a month old already. We love him. He’s brought a lot of joy and chaos to the Morgan family! It’s a lot of fun and all new to us! We really have no idea what we are doing… we just make it up as we go along, read blogs/websites to see how off we are, pray for some guidance, and go for it. Here’s the run-down of life these days.

At one month:

  • Weigh a whopping 11 lbs 12 oz!! Kid has gained 4 lbs in 3.5 weeks!! Wowzers! He definitely likes to eat… a lot… all the time.
  • Eli is a pretty chill baby. He’s happy most of the time… except when he’s hungry… which is pretty often.
  • He’s the facial expression king. Seriously, you can watch him for hours and his face is constantly making awesome expressions.  I think he gets that from his mother. Wink wink.
  • He’s the cutest baby ever. Duh. At least we think he is. And I love dressing him up in his outfits. It’s hilarious. In my mind, he’s like a little doll right now… he has to be okay with the outfit I pick for him.  His personality can be unleashed in a different way everyday… and it’s my choosing… for now. Ha!
  • The dogs like him, but aren’t really sure what to do with him.  Walter has deemed himself Eli’s protector… but he doesn’t really know what to do except to lick his face every once in a while and stare at him from afar.
  • Eric is a precious big bro! He loves Eli. He is getting more comfortable in holding him.  He was kinda nervous at first… I mean they do look SO breakable and he was afraid he would drop him or something. It’s going to be awesome when Eli is crawling and interacting more because I think that’s when Eric’s Big Bro-ness is really gonna shine!
  • He sleeps pretty good. I’m bunking with him in his room so he doesn’t wake up the whole family, I don’t have to go up and down the stairs 14,000 times, and he gets used to his room/crib. He eats at about 8 or 9pm, then 1 or 2am, and then 5 or 6am. I’ll take that. I’m getting some pretty solid hours of sleep in there! Yahoo!
  • He loves to be held, rocked, kissed, and cuddled.  He lights up when his daddy or bro talk to him. He is already spoiled rotten and is prayed over a million times a day (along with his big bro).


Real life –

  • So, I’ve never had a baby before so it’s been all new to me and Jacob. Some things I fully expected – less sleep than normal, baby stuff taking over the house, schedule adjustments, and more.  But some things I didn’t expect. Let me just tell you about them.
  • I actually feel like myself again.  The night that Eli was born, I looked at Jacob and said, “I already feel more normal than I have in a long time.” My brain, heart, and emotions feel more normal than they have in a long time. I know a lot of women don’t have the same experience and I’m so thankful that it’s been this way for me. Now… I definitely have mom brain… and I’m still emotional at times… but I just feel clearer if that makes any sense.
  • Breastfeeding is a difficult thing. It’s a hard task to figure out… especially when you’re a first-time mom who had to have a C-Section. Milk takes a long time to come in, things are frustrating when it doesn’t work out like you wanted, and you learn a lot about yourself, your insecurities, and your expectations.  We ended up needing to supplement with formula and it’s really been a blessing.  Thankful Eli has taken to nursing and getting a bottle like a champ! He seriously eats SO much (please see the 4 lbs gained), so if we weren’t supplementing, I would literally be feeding him every other hour… 12 times a day. I choose sanity. So… that’s that. You gotta do what makes sense for your fam.
  • My stomach is not the same… and that has been the hardest thing for me, honestly. I knew it wouldn’t be the same automatically, but I secretly hoped it would be.  The ever-present bulge of the tummy bothers me. I’m working hard to get it off… but I’m not patient. I know it was all worth it… and I really believe that… but I will always miss my old body and belly button. Hopefully I’ll get it back.  I’ve done decently so far… I’ve lost about 20 pounds… but the abs are still hidden. Anyways… that’s the shallow, selfish stuff I feel… and it is hard for me.
  • Family and friends are the best!! I mean, we knew this, but we have been so blessed and overwhelmed by all the love for our family. It’s been crazy! We are so thankful for our moms, friends, Sunday School class, and even strangers who have supported us.  From bringing meals to doing the dishes, to holding my kiddo so I could do something normal, to getting groceries for us, and everything in between… it’s been incredible.  So so so thankful.  Hoping we can be a blessing to others in the future like we’ve experienced!
  • I wish more than anything that I could have been around when Eric was born.  I want to know his story… to have pictures of him as baby Eric… to have had the opportunity to make a HUGE deal about his birth and life and every single milestone. I wish I could have been there. I wish I knew when his first smile, first poop, first words, first step, first doctor’s appointment… happened.  I wish I could have blown up Facebook for the 14 years we missed out on with his pictures. God had other plans… but my heart aches because I’ll never know what it was like.
  • Figuring out a feeding schedule is challenging and stressful. It just is…
  • I never thought my heart could be so full. I never thought I could love my husband any more than I did… but I do.  I never thought I could love another kiddo as much as I love Eric… but I do. I love them both so much. It looks different at times because their needs are different… but I love those boys to the extreme. I’ll never be the same… but I don’t want to be.

Well, there’s that… ONE MONTH. Love my life!

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