Celebrate good times!

Some weeks are hard! Can I get an “Amen”? Some weeks you don’t have the answers. Some days you just need to have a good cry because you don’t know what else to do.  Some days you wish you had the words to say to make a heavy past better.  Some moments you wish you knew all the Why’s to God’s plans. Some days you have to ground your kiddos for grades. Some days you don’t know how to make a newborn stop screaming (then you realize you ate Taco Bell… oops).

Some weeks are trying for parents everywhere… but especially for parents of adopted kiddos. There’s baggage that has to be dealt with. There’s things that have to be grieved. There’s stories that just leave you feeling hopeless. Add a new baby in the mix and sometimes it’s just hard. Then top it off with big life decisions and big dreams and big prayers… it’s just a lot. Sometimes you just don’t know what to say or how to approach God with all your thoughts/emotions.

So… let’s celebrate the good weeks!  Let’s rejoice in the good moments. This week was a really good week and it was good for this momma’s heart. Lots of smiles. Lots of laughter. Lots of time together. Good stuff.  It’s always good when you survive the rough weeks…


We had pumpkin carving time with the fam. We then had a contest via our social media friends.

Eric WON with his #2 Darth Vader!!! He was so excited he beat Jacob’s Minion. It was a close race, but Darth definitely came out on top.  Although the Minion is cute, Eric free-handed his Darth! INCREDIBLE! He’s such a talented guy!


I participated in my first Freezer Meal Days!  3 of us ladies cooked for 5+ hours and made 18 meals each for our families!!!! Hip Hip Hooray!! I felt so domestic. This week has been so easy in regards to dinner because I just cooked our frozen pre-packaged meals!! So so good!


Here’s Eric’s Halloween costume… Deadmau5 – he does Dubstep music. Don’t ask me… I’m just the mom.

Anyways… this is what he wanted to be. The helmet thing costs A LOT of money to buy… so we made it! And of course we waited until the last minute to finish all of it. Eric did a lot of paper mache to make the body of it.. and I mean a lot! And let me tell you… trying to get felt fabric on a round surface without ripples = impossible.  It’s also complete with a metal grated mouth and LED flashing lights! Ha!

This was super hard to make but… Eric was happy and he WON BEST OVERALL COSTUME at the youth costume party!! Yay!!! He needed a big confidence boost at youth! Got it!!


Isn’t this pumpkin just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?


ERIC GOT HIS PERMIT!!!!! Hooray… and OH NO!!

We worked hard for this! Haha! I think I was more nervous than him when he was taking the test.  As a momma, you never want your kiddo to fail anything or come up lacking.  I just wanted him to succeed and to smile and to pass that test like I knew he could.  We studied the booklet for a while! It’s tough stuff – I couldn’t even pass the practice test at first (haha!)… glad I reviewed my laws, too.  So, watch out world! Eric will be behind the wheel soon!

This is one of those pictures where I am just in awe at how far he’s come. 2 years ago he was in an orphanage in Belize… now he’s rocking it here in the USA with new goals and aspirations and family! Love it!


This week we were able to host a Praying Pelican Missions On The Road event here in Birmingham. It was great! Shout out to Chick-fil-a in Trussville!! They rock!

In the fall, we are responsible for recruiting new teams to come on the mission field with us. It’s a time for us to convey our vision, help them experience a life-changing trip, and for our partnering pastors to get the promise of a team coming to serve alongside them! It’s good stuff!! We were able to meet and talk with several local churches and hear there hearts for missions and learn how we can be a part of it!! This kind of stuff just excites me!


Last but not least… here’s our Halloween costume! Charlie Brown and friends had a great time! I love that I married a man willing to dress up in a Snoopy house so I can have a fun picture! He’s the best!

This was our first Halloween in a neighborhood with some trick-or-treating traffic.  We did have some, but the stupid rain came. Boo!!! My hopes of 100s of children running to our door was dashed by the downpour.  There’s always next year…


Here’s mom & Eli. So thankful for her.  She loves us so well. Thankful for all she does – from holding Eli so I can do laundry or get a shower to being our #1 supporter.

I’m thankful for encouraging, good weeks like this one. I’m refined in the weeks we struggle. Despite the emotions that each week bring, I am so  so so thankful for my family and our life. It’s more than wonderful.

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