2 months with Eli!

Well… we’ve made it another month! Everyone is alive! Yahoo! Here’s Eli at 2 months!


2 months stats:

  • Weighs 15 lbs 4 oz!!! Holy moly! He is in the 97% in both weight and head circumference! He’s in the 75% in height. He’s a big dude! The doctor said he’s making his own growth chart and that he looks like a 6 month old to her! Ha! He had to get 2 shots at the doctor and he has not liked the soreness from those shots… his little/big cry is just too much.
  • Still a pretty happy baby. He cries when he’s hungry and sleepy… and when his momma eats Taco Bell. Oops. I mean… he can handle Chuy’s jalapeno ranch dip but can’t handle Taco Bell? Come on now… sorry bud.  His tummy was SUPER upset after that one.
  • Looking more and more like Jacob! Yay! Cute fellas!
  • Staying awake more and learning to be more interactive which is so fun and also challenging. It’s kind of hard to entertain a tiny human that can’t talk or move a lot for hours.  It’s really fun when he’s laughing and gibbering, but it gets challenging when he wants to move around for 4 hours straight.
  • I am back at work 1/2 days and am also doing some interpreting here and there, so little man has started GrannKare.  GrannKare = staying with my mom (Kay… a.k.a. Grann) while I work.  She loves it. He loves. It’s wonderful. So thankful we are able to do it!
  • LOVES Adele! Kid loves music! Turn on some Adele and he is so at peace! It’s hilarious.  Jacob and I have music playing constantly.  When he’s upset, my go-to music genre to sing is 90’s pop… so he’s probably going to be a fan of Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys. Sorry.
  • Fascinated by the TV. He’s definitely a Morgan boy! My mom says he loves cartoons, so she has it on cartoons for him while he’s at GrannKare.
  • Holding his head up easily by himself. Seems pretty strong… although I have no one else to compare him to. I think he’s a muscle man and is doing awesome…. but I’m biased.
  • Loves going for walks in his stroller!! It’s a drug… puts him to sleep every time!!
  • Huge fan of outside. It’s his place. Fussy? Hungry? Mad? Sad? Take him outside… it fixes all the problems in the world! I’m a little nervous for when winter comes… I guess we’ll all just bundle up and sit outside anyways.
  • He has crooked toes! Ha! 2 of his toes on his left foot overlap. Doc said they would fix themselves because when you flatten them out they don’t crossover… it’s just a temporary thing, but it’s cute right now.
  • Eating about 4-6oz at every feeding.  He’s a pretty hungry guy.  And in case you are wondering (because I have no idea what other people do)… this is his schedule kind of:
    • Eats at around 1:00-2:00am
    • Sleeps
    • Eats at 4:00-5:00am… eats slowly
    • Sleeps until about 6:30
    • Up and drowsy… might take a cat nap
    • Eats anywhere from 8:00-9:00am
    • Awake for a while (unless we go for a walk) – Enter entertainment for the tiny human. Enter snack time for the tiny human
    • Eats around 11:00-12:00
    • Awake for a while… might nap in here somewhere.
    • Eats around 2:00-3:00
    • Awake for a while. Usually this is when he’s grumpy b/c he’s tired but not really tired.
    • Eats around 5:00-6:00
    • Gets real sleepy and usually falls asleep. This is the start of the night for him since he’s not a good napper (except in the stroller)
    • Wakes up to eat anywhere from 8:00-11:00pm… and then it starts over.
  • Enjoys bath time. Bath time depends on the day and remembering to give him one.
  • My air mattress is still in Eli’s room.  I start out in our room and when he cries for the first time in the night I head up there. Usually I have intentions of going back downstairs but… the air mattress looks real cozy at 1:00 in the morning so I just crash there for the next time the man needs some food.
  • We love him to death!!! He is a joy and it’s hard to imagine life without him now… so crazy.



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