Eric is 16!

This guy is 16!


How did that happen? How is he so handsome and grown? Ahhh!!!

We had a wonderful time celebrating his birthday. I’m positive he ended the day KNOWING he was loved beyond measure! The day started with the kitchen decorated with birthday goodness a HUGE breakfast fixed by his Grann complete with omelets, grits, bacon, sausage, biscuits, and Starbucks frappos. Yum! He also got to read a candy gram we made for him.  It was super corny… but pretty clever in my opinion.
20151116_063425 20151116_063559My favorite is the last one… “We started as the 3 MUSKETEERS and no matter how many kids come along, we chose and loved you FIRST!” It’s so true and I hope he always knows that he was our Plan A and our ultimate joy. He was/is so wanted and loved. He belongs with us and we are so blessed he is our son!

Since it was a Monday, he had to go to school. Bummer… I know, but he had a good day and his friends sang him Happy Birthday. Thanks friends!

For dinner we met the family at Red Lobster for his b’day dinner… his choice! The kid loves some lobster… and he gets one a year for his birthday! He got lots of presents, birthday cash, and HIS CAR! Yay! One of the wonderful things about adopting a teenager when you are young is the fact that your car you got for graduation is still working like a champ and is paid off! Amen. So, we got everything checked out/fixed on it, got the windows tinted, and Eric is now the proud owner of a 2005 Mazda 3! Hooray!

After dinner we had to stop by Target to use his Target gift card (thanks Katelyn) and buy a new video game. I’m telling you… money burns a hole in Eric’s pocket!! Saving is gonna be a struggle!


Our Eric is a one-of-a-kind. Want 16 things about him on his 16th birthday? okay… will do!

  1. He loves video games… A LOT! His favorite games are Destiny, Black Ops, and Assassins Creed.
  2. He is hilarious and fun-loving.  When you get him talking and telling stories… he can’t stop… and he can make anyone giggle!
  3. His favorite foods are Buffalo Wild Wings, Alice Springs Chicken (I cook it), hamburgers, bbq, chocolate chip waffles, BROCCOLI, mac n cheese, ice cream (boy loves sweets), steak, lobster, shrimp, rice (with ketchup), and bread!
  4. Rootbeer, orange juice, lemonade, and sweet tea are his drinks of choice.
  5. He is loyal to the core. He cannot stand for people to talk behind their friends’ backs… it bothers him like nothing else.
  6. He has his own style… “future style” as he calls it. He is all about some jogger pants, shirts with designs, button up shirts (buttoning them all the way up), colorful socks, Vans shoes, Jordan tennis shoes, and who knows what else. The TWIST hair-do is also his thing right now.
  7. I wish everyone could hear him as he plays video games. It’s a hoot! He screams, hollers, and carries on while playing… he plays online so there are other people he’s talking to… don’t worry!
  8. He misses his friends he grew up with and his country sometimes. I would to…
  9. He wants to go to college and hopes to one day work in designing video games. (Let’s just pray those grades are up and scholarships come his way! We’ll get him to college for sure, but scholarships sure would be nice!)
  10. The life he has lived has not been easy. We know and fully believe that the Lord is going to use it in INCREDIBLE ways! His story is and will be a testimony to God’s sovereignty, grace, love, and restoration. God is bigger than it all and has been involved in his life from the beginning… he’ll see it one day.
  11. His chore is taking the trash out and recycling. He’s also responsible for cleaning his room and all that comes with that task. He’s not a fan of mowing the yard… we have a pretty steep backyard so he would prefer not to fall down it.
  12. He adores his dad and Big D… even if he doesn’t say it. He lights up when he gets to hang out with them (and our friend Bradley). Being around men that can truly be his role models is huge for him. Watching/hearing them share stories, make fun of his other, laugh, talk about life, and more is such a great joy!
  13. He loves his lil’ bro. We catch him sometimes talking with him, holding his hand, and touching his face when he thinks no one else is watching. He likes to hold him too, but he thinks Eli is heavy (and he is).  I am personally excited about the times coming when Eli is going to be more interactive and can play with Eric. It’s going to be so fun! Definitely not wishing away my little baby Eli… but I know the times coming will be wonderful too.
  14. The boy knows what he wants. When he makes up his mind… it is not changing. He is a bit stubborn… in the best and not so best ways. His morals are set. His standards are established. But… he holds grudges. He’s okay with giving the silent treatment. And more fun stuff.
  15. He LOVES the lake and the ocean. He would literally stay on a tube at the lake all day… he’s done it before! He’s willing to get drug around on a tube until his arms are ready to fall off! He would also stay in the waves for hours and hours in the ocean. He absolutely loves it!
  16. I am blessed to be his mom! I’ll never get over the amazing fact that he is our son. He has grown so much since we met him in that orphanage as a 12-year-old. It is amazing that he is here with us and is a part of our forever family.


Happy birthday Eric! We love you… forever!

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