Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015 is in the books! It was a wonderful time. There were things I wish we would have/could have done, but it was a really a great time. My New Year’s resolution… or my goal for 2016… is to be more of a planner so that we can do all the things we want to do.  So, that’s that.  Here’s our Christmas in pictures:


One of our favorite things to do at Christmas… and one reason I love Birmingham so much… is going to see “Christmas Vacation” at the Alabama Theatre. So fun! The theater itself is awesome. The movie is introduced with an old time Christmas cartoon and caroling with an organ! It’s just so wonderful… and magical! Eric loves it and cackles the whole time the movie is going!


Had a Christmas get together with my dad, bro, and family! It was great to see them! DSC_0033

We attended our church’s candlelight service. It was fantastic and provided a photo booth for this cute pic! Love it.  This is the first year we’ve gone to a candlelight service in years. Man… it was great. Just a time to sit back and BREATH! Sometimes I forget to do that.  So thankful for all God has done and is doing. Sending His Son is enough. It’s always enough.

Eli got his picture with Santa. He looks like a fat baby doll. Still don’t know what our talk about Santa will look like.  We always want the Christmas holiday to be for and about Jesus… but Santa is just fun.  So… we’ll just take it day by day.  And, if you know Eric, you know he thinks Santa is stupid, so as soon as Eli can understand, I’m sure he’ll tell him the truth anyways. So, we probably don’t have to even think about it.

We got to see our framily, the Knicks, in Troy. Time together is always too short. AND time in Troy is always too short to see all of our friends. Love and miss them.

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is Christmas Eve with my mom’s side of the family.  We play Dirty Santa, eat a lot, laugh a ton, and just enjoy each other’s company.  It was bittersweet this year.  My Pawpaw was in the hospital and it was the first Christmas without my Nanny. But it was really good. It was good to be together. We ended up having it at our house since Pawpaw was sick. It was fun to host. Dirty Santa is always fun. I really love the fam. Christmas would NOT be the same without this tradition! Love time with the cousins!

Christmas morning was a blast! We invite the grandparents over to take part in the fun! Eric racked up with stuff! (Please note… Eric received a Batman onsie complete with a cape! YES!) We literally bought Eli one outfit… because he doesn’t care or know.  The grandparents didn’t do that simple for him, of course. But, in our Christmas shopping for Eric we got frustrated. Why do we keep getting him more stuff? Just to get him more stuff? Does he really need it? Does it really honor Christ? What’s the point?

So… we decided on a new Christmas tradition… A FAMILY TRIP!! And I’m beyond pumped! Starting this year, we’ll get the boys a few things for gifts to open and then we’ll all go on a trip together! The goal is to keep it a secret until Christmas morning… but we’ll see how that goes.  This year it was a last minute decision, but we are GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!!

Eric is excited… but he has NO IDEA how magical it is! Jacob is so excited… he’s never been either! Eli is thrilled, of course!


Lots of other magical things happened during Christmas time, but I failed to take pictures of all of it. We loved time with our Morgan family, hanging out with friends, and more.

My chunky love’s cute Christmas get-ups!

So, here’s a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR from the #MorganPartyOfFour #OrSeven




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