4 months with Eli!

Eli is 4 months old! How is this happening?

IMG_5675 IMG_5676 IMG_5677

Eli is 4 months… well really 4.5 months. I have done a terrible job of keeping these updated, but whatever. Probably because life is full and good… and that’s okay.

  • He is 20.0 lbs! He is OFF THE CHARTS in weight and head circumference. Ha! He is a Morgan boy for sure.  He’s only in the 50% for height.  As Eric says, he’s a bowling ball with fried chicken legs. He’s fat and happy!
  • This kid could not be any more loved! He is a blessing and makes our lives even better.
  • His nicknames so far are “Bowling Ball” (from Eric), “Chunky Love” (from me), and “Stinker Pot/Head” (from me and Jacob). Sweet, huh?
  • Super chill baby. Only cries when he’s hangry, sleepy, or has gas.  Don’t we all though? Otherwise, he is giggly and smiley.
  • He is a GREAT traveler. He’s already been on 8 flights total and done AWESOME on all of them. He’s gone to Duluth, MN and Orlando, FL on planes! He’ll get his first taste of international traveling in March! Woot woot!
  • He does this little bashful thing that’s so precious (wow… I sound like a mother of a baby. ha!).  When you talk in a certain way to him… usually when you are complimenting him… he smiles and turns away like he is shy. Just cute.
  • Kid loves some cartoons… and football… or anything colorful on the TV.
  • He met Mickey at Disney this month! It was so fun! I was terrified about taking a 4 month old to Disney, but it was an amazing trip! His favorite character seemed to be Goofy, but he didn’t really answer when we asked.
  • He is “talking” up a storm now, grabbing onto everything, and interacting more like a human now! So fun!
  • Started some baby food this month! He is a lover of food… obviously. He HATES green beans so far. I won’t give up though.  His favs seem to be PRUNES and APPLES so far. I like the food stuff… much more exciting than milk. I think he’s enjoying it too!
  • Started daycare this month. He’s going every Tuesday and Thursday. He still attends GrannKare during the other days.  So thankful he’s able to go to daycare and SO SO SO grateful for GrannKare! I think daycare is a good thing – builds their immune system, gets them some friends, and (if he’s like me) will give him some competition to hit those milestones before those other babies.
  • He’s a 4 month old in 6-9 month old clothing. Yep.
  • We’re both losing hair at a rapid pace. His Skullet is fading fast… only a few more strands hanging on in the back.  And I lose chunks of hair daily… super cute. Thanks pregnancy.
  • He is a miniature version of his daddy.  He looks more and more like Jacob everyday, and I’m completely okay with that!
  •  He loves to play, jump, “talk,” and LOVES going on walks in the stroller.
  • Goes to bed religiously at 7:00pm. Seriously… he can’t make it any later. I try… just not happening. Boy knows. So, he goes to bed at 7:00pm and sleeps until around 4am. Eats. And then goes back to sleep. I’ll take it!
  • We love him. SO. SO. Much.

My prayer for him: That the Lord would give him PEACE and JOY and that he would be PEACE and JOY for all he meets. That he would come to know Jesus at a young age as his ROCK and SALVATION and that he would not be shaken (Psalm 62). That he would know and love Jesus supremely and that he would serve him with all his life. That the Lord would protect him – his body, his mind, and his heart. That I would be a good momma for him. That I would love him well, teach him what it looks like to run (stumbling often) after Jesus, and that I would love his daddy first.

So thankful.

And because LIFE… here’s his 3 month pictures. He looks so little…

IMG_5555 IMG_5560 IMG_5564

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