5 months with Eli!

How is our Chunky Love already 5 months old? I don’t know.

He is a joy. He adds color and laughter and a little bit of stress to our lives. We love it!

At 5 months:

  • Eli weighs 22 pounds 11 ounces. I know… he weighs more that your one-year-old… I got it. HE’S OFF THE CHARTS! He is making his own growth chart. Wowzers. I have muscles in my arms I didn’t know existed.
  • He’s experiencing his first struggle with baby bronchitis right now. Poor baby. Breaks my heart. He is his father’s child though… Jacob gets bronchitis every year still. Just praying that it doesn’t progress into anything else later.
  • He is learning how to play more and use those hands! It’s awesome. Love how he’s changing and developing so quickly. The use of the hands is not good for my hair or wearing earrings. Ouch.
  • He has rolled over! BOOM! It’s a lot of man to roll over, but he did it.  He would prefer to just chill and play, but he CAN do it.
  • BOY LOVES FOOD. ALL food. milk. cereal. prunes. squash. apples. pears. everything.  He is not a huge fan of green peas or mangoes… but he’ll eat them if that’s what’s there. He don’t discriminate.
  • He has completed his first month of daycare! He’s going 2 days a week. He loves it! Ya know… as much as I can tell.  And he’s the star student at Grann Kare the rest of the week and I KNOW he loves getting spoiled by his Grann.
  • He cracks himself up! Definitely a Morgan boy. He really does think he’s funny. I love it!
  • He is entertained with TV, books, and JUMPING! Jumping is definitely his favorite thing still.  If you hold him standing up, he’ll automatically starting jumping and cackling. Does that mean he’ll have strong legs so he can carry his big body around?
  • He was sleeping great… until the sickness struck, but that’s okay! He still goes to bed at 7:00. Seriously, you could set your watch by him. He sleeps until 4-5am. Eats. And then goes back to sleep. Yes! I can do that!
  • Still a hater of naps. Just not his thing. His naps are about 20-40 minutes long… maybe. We just have to lay him in the bed and he’ll go to sleep after wallering for a while. By the time you run like a crazy person to do some laundry and clean the bottles, he’s wide awake! Ready to play!
  • He got his passport picture done and application sent off!! He’s heading on his first international adventure in March with me!! I’m pumped for all our friends in Costa Rica to meet him!

I love this boy. How can a heart be so full? My fellas – Eric, Eli, and Jacob – make life worth living. Soaking in every minute.

IMG_5694 IMG_5696 IMG_5697 IMG_5698 IMG_5700

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