Morgans Meet Mickey!

Over the Christmas break, the Morgans went the Disney. It was a blast! It was our first annual Christmas family trip! Jacob had never been. Eric had never been. So, we HAD to go!

I was a little nervous taking a 4 month old to Disney, but it was wonderful. I decided that it was either go NOW or wait until he was at least 6 years old… and then Eric wouldn’t really want to go to Disney world with his parents. So, we went!

It would not have been as fun if we had just taken Eli… 4 months old babies can only be so exciting. BUT because we had Eli, Eric was able to ride every ride twice because of the Rider Switch pass. Magical. So, while I hung out with the Chunky Love, Eric rode with Jacob. Then, we would switch and Eric would tell me all about the ride before we got on. Hilarious.

It really was a great trip. Eli was awesome. Eric had a blast. Jacob and I felt like adults… navigating a family trip together. It was magical. Disney has and always will be magical to me.

These are my favorite pictures from our week in Disney:


With the palace!


The Morgans met Mickey!

PhotoPass_Visiting_Magic_Kingdom_Park_7572824424 (1)

BAHAHAHA! Best picture ever. This is from the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Eric is truly the funniest person to ride a ride with. I wish I could have videoed him on the Tower of Terror. It was a trip!

Now… he’s a million more pictures.

When we arrived, we headed straight to the Magic Kingdom.




We headed back to the Magic Kingdom the next morning to make sure we did everything.



Then, we headed to Epcot. It was rainy during our time at Epcot, but we made the most of it. The only ride we weren’t able to ride that we were looking forward was Test Track at Epcot… boo rain!


We ate at the Coral Reef restaurant. It was super cool!


Jacob got to fulfill a childhood dream by riding the monorail.



The next day, we headed to Hollywood Studios!


Eric always makes friends…


We ate at the 50’s Prime Time Cafe. YES!! YOU MUST EAT HERE! Best food we had the whole time and a super fun experience!



Eric didn’t eat his green beans… so he got them feed to him by our waitress. HILARIOUS.


DESSERT! It’s childhood in a cup!


I love Hollywood Studios. I think it’s magical… especially at Christmas time! I love the shows, especially Fantasmic, the rides, and the set up of the park. Just good stuff!

We spent our last morning at Animal Kingdom – home to my favorite ride, Everest!


Lion King – LOVE this show! IMG_5671IMG_5615

We loved the Safari! IMG_5646IMG_5660IMG_5651IMG_5642

We loved Disney.

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