6, 7, and 8 months with Eli!

Well… I’ve just been hanging out, living life, and traveling as my little baby has gotten 3 months older. How did that happen? So… here’s a recap since I’m the blogging mom that hasn’t been blogging. Sorry kid, you’ve had a full 8 months, I just haven’t written about it. Oops.

Eli is the most fun kiddo ever! I can’t wait until he starts talking because I just think/hope he’s gonna be hilarious.

  • At the last doctors visit, at 6 months he was 25 lbs. Off the chart still in weight and 75% in height. He’s a big boy isn’t he?!?
  • Eli started crawling at 7.5 months
  • Pulling up at 8 months sharp!
  • He’s been to Costa Rica; Puerto Rico; Miami; Duluth, MN; Orlando; and all over Alabama in his short life.
  • He’s a blast. He is a happy baby and only cries when he’s hangry or someone is trying to make him take a nap.
  • Most of the time, he is blabbering, “singing,” and cackling.
  • Loves Mickey Mouse, eating (obviously), jumping, crawling EVERYWHERE, watching the doggies, being outside, swinging, singing songs, standing up on any and everything, playing, being thrown into the air, and so much more. It’s getting more fun by the day!
  • He LOVES his brother and his daddy. He lights up when they walk in the room! His brother loves to torture him with coke cans and food he can’t have. His daddy loves to tickle him until he can’t breath.
  • He has the best grandparents ever and he thinks they’re awesome too! His Grann even took him to the ZOO, which is now his favorite outing!
  • He’s a big fan of gravy-n-biscuits, chicken-n-dumplings, all the veggies (EXCEPT PEAS!!! He will literally gag and throw up!), fruits galore, and always ready to try new stuff!
  • He’s wearing 12month clothes… and maybe some 18 months clothes. He’s a chunk!

We love this little big dude. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for him! Here’s some pictures! (MORE POSTS TO COME)

















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