10 Months with Eli

Well… we’ve made it 10 months!! Yahoo! Everyone is still alive and well.  That’s a victory in my books. Yea… we get looks because he never wears shoes because his feet are too fat and his paci lanyard is disgusting because it’s been drug around Costa Rica and our house, but he’s alive and his immune system is top notch!

  • He’s 10 months and so fun. He’s hilarious. I don’t know how much he weighs… close to 30 lbs I’m sure and growing like an inch a day.
  • He started walking the day we came home from Costa Rica. Praise the Lord… he waited to show his daddy!!
  • Doesn’t particularly like sleeping through the night. Ugh. He’s done it a few times, but not consistently. Wakes up once a night to eat (between 2-4am)… he’s starving! Once I feed him, he’s down for the count until at least 6am. Not sure what to do about that one… someone needs to give him a pep talk about sleeping the whole night!
  • He loves food… well except this week because he has discovered the fun skill of spitting stuff out. Yay. But, on most days, he enjoys all food except for green peas, peaches are so-so, and cranberries (that’s a new one). He’s a lover of bread, mac and cheese, blueberries, muffins, pancakes, pizza, puffs, and so much more!
  • He spent the majority of his 10th month in Costa Rica… loving it!
  • He’s in size 12 months… and 18 months in some clothing. It’s just b/c things run small, y’all.
  • His hair is kinda blonde. We aren’t sure how that happened… but it’s there. It has some dark spots, but mostly blonde right now. I think it will darken up. But… I see no trace of red.
  • He says ma ma, da da, bu ba, and other things… I’m sure he knows exactly what they mean too. Not really… but soon.
  • He’s a comedian. Noise-making is his specialty – sticking his tongue out, blubbering his lips (I don’t know the technical term for that), pretend chewing, and much more are in his stand up act.
  • Loves his family… all of them. He was so pumped to get home to Daddy after our 3.5 weeks away. He lights up when Eric, Grann, Grammy, and Big D are around.
  • OBSESSED with wheels. Any and everything that has wheels… that’s what he loves. Suitcases, cars, strollers, garbage cans… whatever… that’s his favorite toy. He enjoys balls too… he can even kick them around like a pro soccer player.
  • Water babe. He is a splash pad fanatic! If he sees water or a pool of any kind, he will indeed let you know that there is where he wants to be!
  • Wants to be a big kid.
  • He is an easy-going dude. Great to travel with. Loves people, new things, new food, new environments, and riding.  He also very much appreciates his own bed and his own toys.
  • He’s starting to test his boundaries. Is that possible? He attempts to crawl up the stairs, touch electronics, grab picture frames, steal the remote, and more… NO! is becoming a popular word said to this cutie. He’s starting to realize what he should and shouldn’t do… and he looks back at ya with an adorable smile and you try not to laugh as you teach him the right ways.  It’s going to be a fun process. This kid is going to be so mischievous!

There’s so much more to say about our Chunky Love. He’s a joy and brings so much joy, purpose, fear, peace, laughter, and fun to our family. IMG_5827IMG_5826IMG_5842IMG_5841IMG_5840IMG_5837IMG_5835IMG_5834IMG_5833IMG_5832IMG_5831

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