3 churches. 2 partners. 1 Jesus.

The second trip I led in Costa Rica was another amazing one. 3 church groups from the United States came to serve alongside 2 partners in Costa Rica for the ONE name of Jesus!! One of these groups was our church at which Jacob served as youth pastor.

13438937_10101664531078376_404841714645180219_nOne of the partners we worked with was Pastor Edgar and his wife, Maribel. They are incredible. Jacob worked with them in the previous summers… another pastor that he hogged for himself. Smile. I couldn’t wait to meet with them and  work alongside them.

Their home and church is located in Lagunilla, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Their humility, patience, faith, and leadership within their community is remarkable. They dream big dreams – cabins for mission teams, a place for women’s ministry, a huge play area for children, and for their church to be a sanctuary for the community.

Here’s their church…


Jacob had the privilege of leading the first team to this place 3 summers ago. At that time, just pastor’s house (wooden building on the right) was on the property. Their “church” was made out of a lean-to and a tarp for protection. After a few teams and COUNTLESS hours of fundraising, working, praying, fasting, and waiting… the church has transformed!! 13592196_10101664525284986_4634963942390130875_n

Picture on top is 3 summers ago. Picture on bottom was when my team left.

The second partner we worked with was Pastor Warner. He’s one of my favorite men on the planet! I was able to serve with him 3 summers ago, and my life has never bee the same. Pastor Warner is a bus driver and owner of Happy Bus Transportation and a pastor to children. His “church services” are feeding programs held weekly for children in a neighborhood called  San Martin. The children of this place stole my heart like I’ve never experienced it before!! 13600214_10101664538772956_3653101104104351906_n

This is one of my favorite places in all of the Costa Rica/the world… Pastor Warner’s lot.


These kiddos and Pastor Warner… man, are so special to me. The boys remind me so much of my Eric. Their life circumstances are screaming “NO! IT’S ALL IMPOSSIBLE!” in their ears. BUT, Pastor Warner is holding the banners of JESUS, VICTORY, FUTURE, FAMILY up high for them to run to.

My teams were incredible. Really… I can’t say anything bad about this week… well, except that there was a lot of bugs! But…that’s quite alright. Here’s a bunch of pictures that will tell the stories of the week.


Our team worked hard all week to pour the concrete floor for the church!!! They completed it. I LOVE when people go into a project thinking the reason why we do construction projects is solely to complete the task and then realize that the main goal is RELATIONSHIPS! That’s what happened this week. The men that helped from the local church developed relationships with the team members that were life-long friendships.


Feeding program and CANDY distribution!!!


Each afternoon before food was given out to those who came, the teams would lead a VBS style event. Songs, crafts, Bible stories, and gifts happened. Love this time with these kids so much. 13612143_10101664537036436_2300898212686778282_n13580516_10101664535788936_6970753601011475668_o13603422_10101664535579356_5476289290239332167_o

Each morning while some of the team worked tirelessly on the construction project, the rest of the team did food distribution. We were able to purchase 55 bags of groceries that were given out to 55 families!! The hospitality in Costa Rica is unlike any other. Our groups get asked into homes to just spend time with the family.  Food is given, Jesus is spoke of, and prayers are lifted for those they come into contact with. It’s a beautiful ministry.

13612284_10101664535220076_5357553471461277822_n (1)

Women’s ministry. Ohh… the best.

Ms. Anne (pictured here) led several Costa Rican women in a time of experiencing freedom and worth in Christ. This is one of my favorite pictures ever. So amazing.


To be able to serve with my son is more meaningful than I can express with words. I saw God do MIRACLES in and through Eric this summer. He is a different kid. How he worked and loved our staff, teams, and children we ministered to was INCREDIBLE.  He doesn’t see yet all that God is doing and has done in his life… but MAN… his story is going to change the world around him! I’m so so so proud of him!


Eli got to hang out for 2 weeks with one of my closest friends, Katelyn. Auntie Kate walked him around for miles… through mud, gravel, grass, and more! I’m so thankful that she was able to come and hang out with my little boy and see the country and “job” I love!


I love the people I get to do my life in Costa Rica with! AND I love the beaches we get to do rec day on with our teams!! Does it get any better than this?

How cute are these pictures? And so thankful that I got to serve with one of our best friends, Andrew for the week. Serving with framily is the best!


And amazing moment – one of our teams wanted to gift Pastor Edgar with something that would improve his family’s lives. They decided to gift them with air conditioner units for the main room and their bedroom. Their house is SOOOO hot. Stagnant air. Unhealthy. Pastor Edgar was humbled and honored. His wife cried. She explained that for the past 3 summer (dry seasons) she had experienced healthy issues including heat strokes because of the tempature in their home and the reality that there is NO RELIEF.  She told how she has cried out to God multiple times to help her… to grant her and her family relief from the heat. When the A/C was given, she knew this was God’s way of reminding her that SHE IS HEARD. SHE IS SEEN. SHE IS CARED FOR by the God of the Universe!! How awesome!


This was the week of 3 churches.  2 partners. 1 Jesus!!


Thankful to have been one of the many ‘beautiful’ feet that was bringing the good news…

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