About Us

Here I am – the primary blogger.  This is the day I became a Morgan… my wedding day.  I love that day. A lot of who I am was packed into that day so I’ll just use it to explain… US!!!

Just so you know – I love Jesus. I am His bride and I am totally in love with Him. He is My Redeemer and Restoration.  He has made me new and (like marriage) has given me a NEW NAME!54499-eanna1200This is my partner in crime, Jacob. He will be making appearances on the blog as well… and doing most of the behind-the-pages work.  I love my hubs. He’s wonderful. He is my Trustworthy Discernment. He is my leader and sanity. We’ve been best friends since I was in the 7th grade. He fell in love with my four-eyed, bang-loving self in middle school! He couldn’t resist this. I LOVE this cRaZy life with him.
87616-eanna1103We are surrounded by a HUGE cloud of witnesses and support – our family and friends. Without them… we’d be an even bigger mess!

The Morgan Crew
His side.


The Gardner/Johnston Crew
My side.
The Men. Here through thick and thin. Lookin' spiffy.
The Men. Here through thick and thin. Lookin’ spiffy.
My girls - best friends from college. I am who I am because of their friendships.
My girls – best friends from college. I am who I am because of their friendships.
Us... in our truest form.
Us… in our truest form.

 Best friends.



Each other’s biggest fan.

Parents of Eric and Eli.

Lovers of music, travel, friends, laughter, board games, adventure, talking, and teaching.

We truly do love life together. No lies. I wouldn’t trade him for anything. He is the logic to my ideas. He is the discernment to my wildness. He is the faith to my doubt. He is the truth-speaker to my insecurities. We compliment each other well… and keep each other laughing… except when I’m asleep when “we” are watching a movie. Poor guy… he loves movies, but I am always moving, dancing, doing… so when I stop for a minute… I’m out. Thankful he loves me. Thankful I am married to my very favorite person.


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