Our Adoption

Our Adoption Story

“Why Adopt?”

I’m sure many people ask the question “Why adopt?”  I never have. Adoption has always been in my heart and on my list of MUST DO’s.  As I have grown in my relationship with Jesus, my desire to adopt has grown as well.

Jacob and I have always wanted to adopt.  That was known before we got married.  I have even thought, and said, that we wouldn’t have biological children… that we would just adopt. I still believe that, but people say one day that will change… it may… we’ll see.

To understand our desire to adopt… you have to understand the beauty of SALVATION.  God first adopted us. We were orphans… lost, broken, and without hope. We once relied solely on ourselves, defended ourselves, and searched for satisfaction on our own.  God, in His GREAT mercy, sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for us so that we could be called God’s CHILDREN!!! He ADOPTED us into His eternal family.  We are no longer orphans, but heirs to the throne. This was not plan B to God… He planned to GIVE His Son as an offering on OUR behalf from the beginning… for our rescue… for our redemption. He saved us… not because of something we did, but because He is madly in love with us.  We are now children of God, and have the honor of calling Him our Abba Daddy.

Adoption is a beautiful outward picture of this. Adoption has not been our plan B – it is our preference. Adoption is living out the Gospel. (Don’t get me wrong here – This does not mean having biological children is not the Gospel AT ALL… this is just the story God has laid on OUR hearts.) We long to adopt – to show Christ’s love to them. To give them a forever family like God has given us. To love, without conditions, like Christ loves us.

“Why Belize?”

It started summer 2012 at a Student Life camp with the youth.  Tony Merida was the camp pastor. Tony wrote Orphanology (READ IT!) and has adopted 5 children of his own.  He explains salvation using his experience with adoption. The night he preached about adoption… I was broken. My heart knew that was for us. So Jacob and I had conversations about adoption and decided it wasn’t the right time… so we waited.
A year later… back to Student Life camp this June. Within the year, we had talked a lot about adoption, had seen adoption around us, and spoke about it often.  Well… Tony was our camp pastor again… and gave a similar talk.  Broke me again… but in a different way. God was saying that the time was now. I looked at Jacob after the service and he said, “So… you ready?” MY HEART SCREAMED, “YES!”
But… we were busy planning for our mission trip to BELIZE – a country that was laid on our hearts about 10 months before when beginning the planning process. 
We go. We meet a little boy named Eric at the orphanage and our lives are forever changed.
After spending time at the orphanage, Jacob (the logical, analytical, NOT whimsical – like me – thinker) looked at me and said, “We have to do something now.” Eric was 12 at the time and had lived in this orphanage since he was baby.  He had witnessed several of his friends be adopted… and he had stayed there without a family of his own.  He is the most beautiful little boy ever, but his words to Jacob were, “I just don’t think I’m wanted.”  Well… let me tell you people… HE IS DEFINITELY WANTED! That little 12 year old boy, Eric, was the catalyst for this whole adventure.  We couldn’t come back home and not do anything… so we started the process… sent the money and the paperwork and prayed for our ERIC! We had no clue how easy or hard it was going to be to request a specific child… we only knew to pray. So we did.

The process was more than I could handle at times – the waiting, the wishing, and the wanting. To know our son was waiting on us to come and get him broke my heart. BUT the learning, the growing, the praying, the relationships made, the support we felt, the miracles we experienced, and the faithfulness of God we saw through it all were more than worth it.  The fact that Eric will be with us soon is worth every tear, every fear, and every minute of waiting. To know that we will be his forever Mom and Dad and that he will be smothered with love by us, his family, and all of you is wonderful beyond words. Our Eric has brought more joy to us than anything else in the world… and he’s not even here yet. We hope to be the parents God has call us to be for our son – his name even shouts the amazing plans He has for our boy: Eric “forever” Emmanuel “God is with us” MORGAN.  

If you have questions, a passion, or are thinking about adopting don’t hesitate to contact us! We would love to support you in your journey to care for an orphans… a child waiting to be grafted into a family. 


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