Eli is ONE! Well… he’s 14 months old now, but cut me some slack. Life is nuts as a mom of a highschooler and a toddler, working from home and traveling to Costa Rica & Minnesota, husband with a new job, and all the regular life stuff. But… I have to celebrate my Chunky Love!!! […]

Well… we’ve made it 10 months!! Yahoo! Everyone is still alive and well.  That’s a victory in my books. Yea… we get looks because he never wears shoes because his feet are too fat and his paci lanyard is disgusting because it’s been drug around Costa Rica and our house, but he’s alive and his […]

The second trip of my Spring was to a small town called San Fernando with 2 amazing teams. One team was from Salina, Kansas, and the other team was from GOOD OLE ROCKY TOP – Knoxville, TN! Both teams were awesome. The Kansas team chose to stay at a hotel -thank y’all very much! So, […]

In March, I had the honor of leading a group from NORTH POLE, Alaska on a trip to Filadelfia, Costa Rica! How fun is that? They were literally from the North Pole… they said there was even a man in their town who legally changed his name to Santa Claus and ran for mayor. He […]

Well… I’ve just been hanging out, living life, and traveling as my little baby has gotten 3 months older. How did that happen? So… here’s a recap since I’m the blogging mom that hasn’t been blogging. Sorry kid, you’ve had a full 8 months, I just haven’t written about it. Oops. Eli is the most […]