Over the Christmas break, the Morgans went the Disney. It was a blast! It was our first annual Christmas family trip! Jacob had never been. Eric had never been. So, we HAD to go! I was a little nervous taking a 4 month old to Disney, but it was wonderful. I decided that it was […]

Eli is 4 months old! How is this happening? Eli is 4 months… well really 4.5 months. I have done a terrible job of keeping these updated, but whatever. Probably because life is full and good… and that’s okay. He is 20.0 lbs! He is OFF THE CHARTS in weight and head circumference. Ha! He […]

Christmas 2015 is in the books! It was a wonderful time. There were things I wish we would have/could have done, but it was a really a great time. My New Year’s resolution… or my goal for 2016… is to be more of a planner so that we can do all the things we want […]

It’s a battle… A battle to be disciplined. A battle to not eat another dessert. A battle to love. A battle to live out this Christian life when things don’t make sense.  A battle to console a crying baby. A battle to keep my mouth shut when I want to smart off to my hubs. Most […]

This guy is 16! How did that happen? How is he so handsome and grown? Ahhh!!! We had a wonderful time celebrating his birthday. I’m positive he ended the day KNOWING he was loved beyond measure! The day started with the kitchen decorated with birthday goodness a HUGE breakfast fixed by his Grann complete with […]